WITS Development Department


643. E. Holly Ave. St. Louis, MO

Stephen L. Bergonzi, Esq., Development Officer

p 314-382-1650 x3

email: bddirector@witsinc.org

Ways to Give

Our Programs

Members of churches, schools and community centers can purchase computers and the money will be used to help give free computers to those members most in-need of a computer!

WITS Training Programs

WITS works with various youth organizations and programs to provide internships and training programs in technology repair.

Trainee Program

WITS seeks to offer A+ Certification in computer repair. Candidates must be 16+ and will be able to qualify for A+ Certification by the end of the course. Upon graduating from the program, graduates will be able to work in companies as computer technicians or have the opportunity to work for WITS in our tech shop as interns.

Internship Program

WITS offers those with experience in computer repair to work in our tech shop as interns. The position requires 20 hours a week and candidates must be 18+.

WITS Community Programs

WITS Computers for Everyone Program

WITS provides computers and training in computer use to technologically under-served communities.

WITS Student Home Computer Program

WITS works school districts, and schools both private and public, across the St. Louis area to provide students in-need and their families with a home computer and one-day training on how to use the computer for homework and job opportunities.

WITS Veterans & Seniors Computer Training Program

WITS works with various nonprofit organizations serving seniors and veterans to provide residents with a computer, 60 day warranty, and ongoing 6 week training on how to access online healthcare, family and social opportunities.